We made employment background checks simple.

Join the world`s first unified employment screening platform. Run background checks and set up constant criminal report monitoring with a single click. Built for small and midsized businesses.
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Run background checks on the entire United States

We made it possible for the average small business owner to access county-level and state-level background checks for employment purposes with built in FCRA compliance.

Continues monitoring with a single click

US employers are now able to set up continues monitoring with a single click inside the Personnelgraph platform and get instant notification if there has been a court update on previous results.

Automatic search scope selection

With each state and county having different laws, regulations and court fees; Personnelgraph makes the source selection for you automatically in order to save you cost and time as well as enabling you to conduct background checks with a single click for the lowest cost.

Built on the cloud, accessible everywhere

All of your documents, employee information, background check results, payments and notes are stored on the Personnelgraph platform that you can access from anywhere on any device with your Personnelgraph account.